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Hello everyone! Long time no write, I just wanna share my experience about data-driven can make your business growth, definitely with good quality data. I think we are familiar about data-driven, speak by data, social media analysis or anything else which intersect data analytics. Anything about how to gain your business revenue, it should be more deeply analysis on your data. Data analytics would help you to identify ambiguity your data, performance your company, validation about anything that you company missing and let’s try to fix it by the data! …

Hello everyone! I wanna share about sentiment analysis. In this time I’ll try to using one powerful package on NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit) that is vader analysis. Before we get into the analysis, let’s see why we need the sentiment analysis.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis is process using text analytics to obtain various data sources from the internet and various social media platforms. The objective of sentiment analysis to get some insight from the text, ex. reviews, tweets, news description and many more.

Every single day, the internet overwhelmed with million data from various sources. The sentiment analysis is very important tools…

Hello everyone! I wanna share about customer segmentation. I’ll try comparing RFM Analysis and Kmeans clustering to build a segmentation for each customer. Before we go to the analysis, let’s see why we need to build a customer segmentation.

Customer segmentation very important to make a decision, what action needed to increase revenue, build good relationship with customer and many more we can optimize the sales with customer segmentation. In my humble opinion, why customer segmentation important?

  • Making Good Strategy

Customer segmentation would be give us a reference to take action for each customer in their segmentation, like a product…

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Hello everyone! I wanna share about movies recommeder system with one of modeling its collaborative filtering. Before we go to our dataset, let’s see why we need recommender system?

First, some people might have been confused about choosing a movie to watch. Recommender system, like we know it would be give you recommend movie based on the movie you have watched. The recommender system would be give you recommendation by genre, cast, director, rating movie from that you have been done and many more. Simply, like you watching youtube and the next video recommendation would be coming to you after…

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Hello everyone, in this time I wanna share about one of analysis from association rules mining. Association rules mining is a data mining technique for finding association rules between of item combination. Are you get it, mate? For an example an association rules from a purchase analysis at a supermarket is knowing how likely a customer is to buy cereal together with milk. With this analysis supermarket owner could be arrange the placement of goods or designing marketing campaign with discounts for certain combination item.

Association rules mining become a familiar for analysis in retail business. Association rules mining is…

Hello Everyone!! In this moment, I wanna share about my analysis data set, that I get on kaggle. In my last stories, I explain about regression method to do price prediction residential of Washington DC. Now, the data set about survey of Passenger Satisfaction in US airline. Generally, classification method is when the output is a category. For example in this case, from the survey has been done, how do customers feel “satisfied” or “neutral or dissatisfied”. For more detail, let’s see what’s in this data set!

Explanation About Data

This data set have a 64940 rows with 24 columns. I’ll try to…

Hello everyone!! In this moment, I’ll try to explain about my analysis about data set, that I get on kaggle. The data set about Washington DC residential. So let’s start begin with explanation about this data.

Washington, D.C. is the capital of the United States. Washington’s population is approaching 700,000 people, and has been growing since 2000 following a half-century of population decline. The city is highly segregated and features a high cost of living. In 2017, the average price of a single family home in the district was $649,000. …

Hello everyone!! my name is Anugrah Nurhamid you can call me uga. This is my first article. I really excited with data science, so I’ll try to join a data science program at one platform in Indonesia. Now, I has finished my boot camp program. So, I wanna share about the data science, what that do, why that do and who that do. Let’s start begin with the introduction about data science.

What is data science ?

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